Clayton Pierre is an artist and animator presently living in Tampa, Florida and a graduate of the Art Institute of Tampa, Florida, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.  Clayton Pierre specializes in 3D modeling of organic and non-organic character concept and designs.   Through his studies in the field of animation and hands on work experiences, he has worked on a variety of complex and intriguing projects and developed an outstanding portfolio that showcases his expertise in the areas of computer animation and 3D modeling, and demonstrates his mastery of software programs and tools that permit him to create realistic animation characters and environments.

   Clayton Pierre’s interest in the arts stems from his cultural heritage as a Haitian American.  His paintings and sculptures captures motion and intricate designs that pay homage to artists, who’s traditional art works have inspired Clayton Pierre’s design, such as Boris Vallejo; and other notable artists, Frank Frezetta and Richard MacDonald.  Clayton Pierre hopes to open his own animation studio where he can display his work, which he categorizes as abstract realism, and inspire others to exceed their artistic aspirations.